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Signs to Look Out for to Confirm Pregnancy

At some point, we have been taught about the means by which we all arrived on this planet. Our mothers got pregnant and held us in their wombs for three quarters of a year. It takes a lot of sacrifices for one to be able to last in this period. It was by this process that we got here. Have you ever then asked yourself how they came to know they were pregnant with you? A better question would be whether you are pregnant? Pregnancy can be such a tricky and anxious thing especially if it is your first time. One may not fully understand what is happening from start to finish. To help you get a foothold, we have prepared this article to enlighten you on how to know if you are pregnant.

We are going to go through some simple, common yet important signs you have heard or not. It is impossible to talk about pregnancy without talking about sex as the two are inseparable. When did you last have sex? Did you use protection or are you on any form of contraception? These questions are the pillars to the ultimate question of whether or not you are pregnant. Pregnancy sets in when the fertilized egg is implanted, which occurs within 6 to 10 days of unprotected sex. Before proceeding forward, answer these questions.

If you are experiencing missed periods, it may be that you are pregnant. Missed periods may result in mistaken conclusions about pregnancy as much as they are among the first signs of the process. You cannot use missed periods to give an absolute answer to the state of pregnancy. The argument for this reasoning is that there exist many reasons as to why you may have missed your period. Missed periods may be caused by sudden weight gain, eating disorders or even overexertion. The best thing to do here is consult a medical practitioner for better guidance.

Nausea and vomiting is another key sign. This may be more conclusive since one experiences it roughly 21 days into conception. It is caused by a rise in hormones in the body as preparation for pregnancy continues since conception. The name ‘morning sickness’ that is used may be misleading as nausea and vomiting can occur at any time. Common smells at this time may seem repulsive.

Taking a pregnancy test is the easiest and fastest way to know if you are pregnant. Taking a home pregnancy test could give you the answer you want clearly. It is especially effective after one has had their period. If you take it earlier than this, it may give a negative result even when you are pregnant. The pregnancy tests are available at the supermarket and local drug stores. For the purposes of caution; you should visit a medical practitioner and discuss the results with them.

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