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The Signs of Trichomoniasis and How It Is Treated

The spread of trichomoniasis from one individual to another takes when the two partners engage in sexual intercourse when one of them has the infection. Although this is not the only STD, it has been proven to be the most common to both women and men. You should not get some signs yet you just continue being reluctant now that if not treated, trichomoniasis could lead to serious damage. Note that if you happen to have the infection, no one will even know about it except those who need to know about it. If at all you suffer from any symptoms, you need to check your sexual intercourse history because the infection is only spread through intercourse.

Here are some of the signs which should let you know if you are free from the infection or not. Sometimes, you might misdiagnose the infection because it has some common symptoms with other infections or even UTI which is very different. Number one symptom that you should check if you have includes genital discharge. Remember that females usually have various discharges from their private parts and that is why you should be specific on the color and smell of the vaginal secretion. If you have this infection, the secretion will have a bad odor and its color would be from green, white, yellow or gray.

A normal female should never bleed frequently or have spotting if not, it could be caused by a serious infection. However, that doesn’t means that you should confuse this bleeding with that time of your menstrual cycle because it is normal to spot and bleed at that time. Also, as you spot, you might feel itching on your private parts which will eventually cause burning especially when you urinating. After, you might also start seeing some redness and swelling.

If you keep on urinating after every five minutes and no urine, then you probably have an infection. You should not judge that you have trichomoniasis because it is not the only infection that causes frequent urination but you should get tested first before taking the treatment. Also, you need to ensure that you are not pregnant because, in such a condition, frequent urination is very common.

Treating trichomoniasis is not difficult but it is treated using antibiotics. There are conditions which your specialist might give you as you take your antibiotics and this includes; not taking alcohol at least for 24hours after you have taken metronidazole and for tinidazole, you would need to stay for at least 72 hours before taking alcohol. If you are put on such medication, you can only treat it completely if you advise your partner to get the same medication and also abstain until you finish medication.

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